Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Feature at the Upper St. Clair Township Building

As a salute to all Upper St. Clair Veterans, present and past, the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair has partnered with the Township to share a patriotic piece of history from our archives.  The current display has a World War II theme and includes letters from soldiers, newspaper clippings, and numerous photographs.  Also on display are tokens and ration stamps as a reminder of one of the many ways WWII affected those back home.  The photographs and several of the newspaper clippings are from an incredible scrapbook created by Emma Hoffman, a teacher at the McMillen School.  The scrapbook reveals this period as seen through a local woman's eyes and provides us a record of Upper St. Clair's brave men and women who served their country so many years ago.

Please stop by and take a look for yourself.  While celebrating Veterans Day, these artifacts will be on display through Thanksgiving.  After that, stop by the Township Building for our holiday display.